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Pet Loss Grief Counseling and Coaching

Paws to Celebrate

About  Paws  to Celebrate

Pet loss grief is ruff and its real. Many pet parents find it difficult to publicly mourn beyond the first few days and need a safe, judgment-free, place to just “be” with their grief. We are a special community of like-minded 2-leggers called Paws to Celebrate Pack. Our mission is, “To listen, To love and To support” for however long you need. There are no set timelines in grief, everyone is unique, just as your relationship with your beloved family member.


Why Coaching?

Coaching is a successful form of talk therapy that has helped turn people's lives around after a significant change. This may include a great loss, the death of a loved one, pet or person, job or promotion loss, divorce, and other relationships, to name a few. A coach will work with you to create, execute, and attain your goals while holding you accountable and help see you through to the finish line, one that produces your desired results.

Services We  Offer


Pet Loss Grief Coaching 

Your grief is unique and valid, we offer specialized coaching sessions to help you work through your grief. 

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Life & Career Coaching

Sometimes, you need a little extra help with other areas of your life, like work, family stress, or working through lifestyle changes like retirement. We have strategies to help you live your best life. 

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Paws to Celebrate Pack 

Join thousands of other people, in our Paws to Celebrate Pack, a private Facebook community. We've created a supportive environment where you can connect with others experiencing similar grief, and it's free to join. 

Tails of Unconditional Love

Our first book addressing pet loss grief recovery.

This book is about healing the grieving pet parent heart. The author, Pam Baren Kaplan, provides an understanding of the normalness of your grief and a validation of your right to grieve a pet, it wasn’t just a dog or cat, this was a beloved member of your family. You will learn how to find your voice and tell your unconditional love story through journaling a lifetime of unforgettable memories that become a cherished legacy and keepsake.

Amazon Verified Testimonials


"So if you’re looking at this, I’m so sorry. You’re in the right place though. This book will become your best friend for a while, actually, it’s the author Pam, she’ll be your best friend. You will feel like she is right there, in the room or sitting next to you supporting and comforting you to help you through the emptiness you have without your best friend, companion, four legged angel! Read it, feel it. Let your emotions run. Get a bunch of Kleenexes first. Take her advice, let Pam guide you and do what feels right for you because this is a highly individual experience. At the end of this journey you will feel different, you again, just a different you. Obviously. The journal will be a lasting, beautiful gift to you and to your beloved critter family member. I’ll be honest, it’s not easy but it’s worth it. They are worth it. ARF!"


"The depth of understanding in this book is transformational. To have one's grief and emotional challenge seen and understood opens the heart to explore the journey of healing that is then offered with tools and journal space to help you process. An authentic, relatable, compassionate, and heartfelt voice guides you through it. This book is good for anyone seeking to process loss or grief of any kind."

A great help with grief with losing a beloved pet.

"I loved reading this and can't wait to do the exercises and journaling. I purchased in on Kindle and then ordered 3 books, one for me and one for each of my daughters. It is an excellent read for anyone who has lost a loved one - human or animal. Pam Kaplan is a talented writer with a deep understanding of grief and how to deal with it. You will laugh and cry and I would highly recommend it. Be sure to look for the little Unicorn named Annie. She was our dog that we lost last September and I am honored that she is in the book and I know this book will help me with my grief."


"Beautiful inspiring real-life journey to dealing with grief and loss. This book helps you understand your grief whether it be human or your pet loss. Great book for and new pet owner and any pet lover. Step by step instructions and journaling pages are a great edition."


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