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About Pam Baren Kaplan

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Pam Baren Kaplan, Certified Professional Pet Loss Grief Counselor, Life and Corporate Coach, a unique blend of experience and training to help you identify and achieve your goals.

As founder and facilitator of Paws to Celebrate Pack, she has helped heal the broken hearts of thousands of people. Pam is affectionately known as “Leader of the Pack. “ Since August 14th, 2015, Pam has developed a highly interactive, supportive, and healing global community for grieving pet parents. In her upcoming book, Tails of Unconditional Love, Pam guides you on your journey through to the other side of grief recovery. 

Whether one on one via phone/skype, in-person when local or through group coaching, Pam tailors a grief recovery program to fit individual needs.

Author, coach, facilitator, human resource professional, memorial jewelry designer, mom, pet parent, publisher, project manager, public speaker, trainer, and wife describe Pam’s background. Her personality is nurturing with a sense of humor. Pam lives in a suburb of Chicago with her longtime high school sweetheart - husband Lou and their two, 4-legger chocolate Lab girls, Zuzu and Frankie. She has three wonderful 2-legger kids; Jon, Dani and Adrianne, and two 4-legger grand-doggies, Penny and Apollo.

I can’t believe it’s been over three years since I had to let him go. Honestly, it was pure hell those first few months. Time has helped but memories can be hard. I was told about this group and thought I would take a look. I am glad I did. Just the support alone I received from all members was amazing, and I am not sure where I would had been in my grieving process without it. Pam Baren Kaplan, our Pack leader, encouraged me to post, to share stories and pictures, as often as I needed, and I did. There were up days and down days, but far worse were the nights. I worked by myself at that time and my mind would not shut off. That’s when I most often turned to Paws to post and comment. If you were to ask me right now how I am doing, I would tell you I am missing my Rocky and that there is a deep void in my life but overall I am strong and good. This is largely due to the love and supports The Pack and our Alpha leader Pam has given me, and they will do the same for you. -Ruth Eberlein Dow , California

I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to have had Pam in my life when I lost my dog.  I did not think I would recover.  Her knowledge and wisdom plus her compassion made her a great place to go to to deal with my grief.   I know my fur babies have gone to get wings,  but Pam is a living angel. Pure comfort in my time of need.  And what is really great is, if I regress she still there.  Sandi I, Illinois

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