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Grieving the Loss Of a Pet

Pet loss is a unique type of grief originating from an amazingly strong bond. The death of a beloved pet means the end of non-judgmental, unconditional love. Pet parents feel a vast void and, most importantly, the loss of needing to be needed.


Today, pet loss grief is forging its way out in the open, and our mindset is evolving. The medical community recognizes that pet loss grief is just as difficult to recover from as human loss, and in many cases, much more challenging. Everyday life has changed; it will never be the same.


Pet loss grief is exhausting when battling the emotional roller coaster of grief’s depression, anger, and many times guilt. Relationships suffer because family and friends don’t seem to understand the depth of this loss. They want to be helpful but soon tired of the pet parent's situation and urge them to move on. They may even insinuate that the pet parent doesn’t deserve the right to mourn the loss of their 4-legged family member. And can you relate to this comment? “It was just a dog or just a cat, and you can always get another.”


Pet-parents feel disconnected like being lost at sea. I describe this as the “paper cup in the wind” response, the lack of something secure to hang on. Pet loss grief is real, and it’s “ruff.”   

Pet loss grief recovery is about finding your way through to the other side of grief through self-nurturing. It is about acceptance and forging a new normal, never forgetting, always honoring the life that gave you so much.


I can help you get there. Let’s take the next steps of your journey together.

When my Best Friend Kodi died I was so completely lost that I found myself searching for answers that I’m not even sure what the questions were. In January 2016, after 4.5 months of this desperate searching

I found Paws to Celebrate and the beautiful and kind soul                              Pam Kaplan possesses a warm, nurturing, and gentle nature that invites you to talk about your precious companion and the pain you feel which helped me to start mending and put the unwanted new normal in perspective. I now consider Pam my Friend and admire her strength and wisdom as she helps so many broken hearts with genuine concern that only comes from a heart that knows this grief. On this 5th Anniversary of Paws to Celebrate, I want to wish you Pam, many more seasons of healing, good health, and the beautiful life you deserve.

 Brenda G. Pennsylvania

Alaskan Malamute
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