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2020, Make This The Year of You, Choose Joy

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

By Pam Baren Kaplan

“This year is going to be different; this is my year! I am going to get healthier, get a better job, or maybe even find my perfect partner!” Sound familiar?

These exact words have come out of my mouth more times than I care to admit to, and I’m going to venture a guess that you’ve uttered these sentiments maybe once or three times as well.

January has begun. It is the time of year known for re-starts. Many of us contemplate self-betterment in one way or another.

It may be the purchase of the hottest piece of workout equipment advertised on TV all holiday season-long, that one with the high energy virtual trainer. Or jump onto the latest version of a celebrity sponsored miracle diet that is sure to work! And don’t forget, still eat all your favorite foods and achieve that better body!

Maybe you’re thinking about improving your financial situation? Have you been pondering on changing careers? It could be through advancing your education, going back to school, and taking a few classes to get that degree.

Are you tired of being detached? How about revving up your courage to attend a few “singles” groups to find that right person?

Or, maybe you want to find new ways to enjoy life?


Make a plan, set some goals. You are redefining happiness your way. Not your mother or father’s ideal, not what social media sells you, I am talking your own personal, authentic interpretation of joy.

How does a joyous life look? Would you recognize it when it happens? Not so simple. We, humans, tend to think alike, a cookie-cutter image of life, to get married, have kids, a house, a great job and all, nothing wrong with that, but it just might not be your exact fit. Many have all this but still feel something is missing.

Then there is the commitment part, staying the course. In the beginning, we are motivated, we are in clean slate - new start mode, and it all starts with the best intentions. You have a few good days, maybe even weeks, but slowly the old ways begin to creep back in caused by life’s stress and anxiety. Your plans begin to slip, and they fall by the wayside. You negotiate with yourself, “I’ll get back on track tomorrow,” but too often, the tomorrows become this vague promise that never materializes. And the result of this behavior ends up dragging you backward with frustration and a smidge of self-loathing that you couldn’t hold onto this resolution.

So, how would it feel if you achieved your goal? Here are a few responses from my clients.

“I am proud of myself!”

“I feel empowered to do more!”

“I feel validated!”

“I am alive!”

“I am so glad that I did this for me, I’m relieved that I didn’t procrastinate once more!”

Pretty nice. This could be you.

Is it easy? Change doesn’t come without some effort. When you have a guide, someone to help navigate through the hurdles and coach you through the challenges, you are much more apt to stay on track.

Can you do it alone? Sure, you could, but think about it, how’s that worked for you so far?

No judgment.

Make 2020 the year of You. When you are feeling good about you, it is contagious, you are empowered and it spreads to all those you come in contact with and positively impacts all you do!

Invest in the year of you, an excellent you. Schedule a call with me today.

Joy can be just a click away. CLICK IMAGE BELOW TO SCHEDULE A CALL

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