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This book is a heartfelt collage of 22 unconditional love tails written by 22 wonderful authors and I was so honored to write the forward for this book. Each story describes their amazing relationship that will touch your heart, bring a little tear of liquid love from your eyes and remind you how very special our pets are. A wonderful gift for the holidays. 


And remember, 20% of the purchase price (Excluding any tax or shipping) is donated to charity. Voices for Canines Research or Live Like Roo, you may even opt for half/half!

Heaven Sent - True Stories of Pets That Have Touched Our Hearts in Mysterious W


    Reader Testimonial

    I joined Pam's Facebook group after losing my beloved rescue dog Betsie. Losing a pet is heartbreaking. The group helped so much. Then I purchased "the book". Oh, my word. Grieving us a process and Pam's words take you through this every step of the way. It's a journal of thoughts and feelings. It was hard to get past the first chapter without floods of tears. It has helped me come to terms with myself. For anyone struggling with loss then it is an essential read. Thank you Pam.  Karen, Derbyshire, England

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