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When my Roxy passed, I was lost, I desparately wanted her back not just spiritually but physically. I wanted something I could hold on to, feel her energy, so I created The Tree of Unconditional Love and Light. A unique one of a kind tribute of forever love where I know, my love is always with me.


Each tree is custom made to your specifications. You will see the variety on this page for a few examples based on pet breed, Chiocolate Lab, German Sheppard tf o name a few. You may choose "leaf" colors to match your loves fur/feathers and you may choose from a variety of wire colors. 


Making this custom piece is a labor of love, it is one that takes about 8-12 weeks from when Ireceive the ashes. All wiring is hand crafted. 


Note, if you prefer or do not have the ashes, I can make the leaves of the tree using Swarovski crystals in the color of your choice, I recommend birthstone colors as one option, but always your choice!


Makes a beautiful gift for any pet parent. 

If you are local, in the Chicago area, ask about participating in the creation of your pet's Tree of Unconditional Love and Light! A very spiritual experience.


Tree of Unconditional Love and Light

  • I use a very small amount of your pets ashes in the piece. Upon agreement of project and payment, you send me a teasoon of ashes in a small sealable plastic bag in order for me to creeate the leaves of your Tree of Unconditional Love.

Reader Testimonial

I joined Pam's Facebook group after losing my beloved rescue dog Betsie. Losing a pet is heartbreaking. The group helped so much. Then I purchased "the book". Oh, my word. Grieving us a process and Pam's words take you through this every step of the way. It's a journal of thoughts and feelings. It was hard to get past the first chapter without floods of tears. It has helped me come to terms with myself. For anyone struggling with loss then it is an essential read. Thank you Pam.  Karen, Derbyshire, England

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